Ryarc demonstrates Intel AVA and AMT functionality in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing

During our recent three city Intel road show in China we have the pleasure of demonstrating two key new features of our latest release. Intel AMT functionality and Intel AVA are ‘baked in’ to the software and provide unparalleled managabilty and accuracy in advertising delivery. Thank you to all who spent time at our booth. Toni Chiu (pictured above) is now our local representative in Hong Kong S.A.R. and China.

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Ryarc to demo CM3, AVA, AIM @ Sprint Open Solutions Conference

Sprint Open Systems Conference
Coming up this November 2nd to 4th, Ryarc will be demonstrating CampaignManager v3 at the Sprint Open Solutions Conference in Santa Clara. On display will be our new multi-tenancy cloud installable platform for enterprise Digital Signage. Please drop by the Intel Booth #3.

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Security for Digital Signage networks

It’s happened to CNN. It’s happened to FOX. And it happened to both of them on one of the biggest sites on the net. Every few weeks we learn of another account being “hacked”. Having it happen to your network; where a malicious user might post any video or pictures they like is almost to grim too bear thinking about, right? Well, as the operator of a public network you simply don’t have the luxury of not thinking about this.

Sorry 'bout that!
Accessing stuff on the web is great. And that’s why our next version (released October 1) allows you to access your network from anywhere over the internet. Notice we said “internet” and not “web”? That’s right, CM3 is a smart client application that works from anywhere, into the cloud or your datacenter over the internet. So you have all the richness of a windows application and all the access-from-anywhere convenience of the web. But getting back to the original topic. What about security? Well, this article is too short to go through the full web pages vs. app argument but consider this; If your password leaks, or is compromised and you’re using a web based solution your security is toast. When you can see this happen for brands like CNN and FOX on websites with billions of dollars of investment you already know what conclusions to draw for digital signage made available through a webpage. If your password leaks or is compromised, your network is compromised. At best, you’ll get a childish prankster. At worst, your company’s reputation could be destroyed and you could be sued.

Well, one of the cool things we’ve added in CM3 was designed with this very problem in mind. It’s called MATE(Machine Authentication Technology Enhancement)

MATE icon

and what it does is that it takes authentication beyond a username and password (all you need to access a web based provider) and extends authentication to the machine level. So, if your password gets compromised here’s what someone trying to use it would see:

Access denied

We can associate your account with a particular machine. Security that a website simply cannot provide. You can of course request that your PC gets trusted by the cloud service. And here’s how it would look to the admin. Note the presence of geographic information. Easy to spot it if someone not of your organisation is trying their luck.

Even though the username and password was correct, access was denied

Invites still open for prerelease views on CM. We’ll blog in the coming weeks on some of the other cool features on the way…

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Beta Testers Wanted

It’s been a long and hard road but the final stretch has finally appeared and we’re almost ready to begin our beta testing cycle. If you’re an existing customer or partner, and are interested in getting a look at our next release, please email i...@ryarc.com. We have limited places on the program available so please act now if you’re interested. We’ll be introducing the new features in a steady stream of online videos between now and release time and the first one will be out later this month.

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Look back @ DSE Las Vegas 2011

Thank you to all of you who stopped by our presentation at the Intel Booth. It’s always great to meet customers new and old. We hoped you enjoyed our demonstration of the new generation 3 of CampaignManager. As always, we came away from the show with more than just business cards; there were plenty of feedback ideas based on our new features, many of which will find their way into our release which is coming soon. Watch out for a beta in March/April and thanks once again for your interest in what we do!

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Digital Signage World Expo

Ryarc CampaignManager digital signage software @ the Intel booth

We had a busy first day at DSW Sydney showing how our software can save real money by integrating with Intel AMT.  This technology means we can provide over-the-internet, power recycles and scheduled power ups to devices anywhere.  If your Digital Signage business has ever spent money on sending contractors out to cycle boxes or turn them back on, you really need to check this tech out.  If you’re in Sydney, drop by.  If you’re not, just drop us a mail and we’ll be delighted to show you how it works (and how it can save you time, money and reputation).

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Ryarc announces partnership with Packet TV

Ryarc is proud to announce new partnership on board. Earlier this month Ryarc had entered into a Channel Partnership Agreement with Packet TV, a digital media and systems integrator for digital signage technology.

As a Channel Partner, Packet TV will now be offering sales and support for Ryarc’s CampaignManager software platform within US markets. Ryarc’s CampaignManager software offers a complete solution for managing your media network, whether it’s a single screen or a global network of thousands of displays. CampaignManager is also designed with ease of use in mind so that just about anyone can be up and running with little to no training. Combined with Intel’s Active Management Technology, CampaignManager offers single click access to such powerful features as power cycling and inventory management to greatly reduce network downtimes and truck rolls.

“I’m truly excited to have the opportunity to partner with Ryarc and offer our customers a powerful new option when it comes to digital signage software. CampaignManager provides a very stable and complete digital signage platform that is easy to install, easy to learn and manage” stated Noel Bonk, president of Packet TV. “It also fits perfectly into our focus of aligning with partners who not only share our industry philosophy, but also have the reputation as innovators.”

“Local support is so important and we’re delighted to add Packet TV to our network of certified channel partners. We work closely with our partners and our training for partners ensures that customers can be confident that they are going to get knowledgeable, up-to-date and local support whenever they need it” added Ryarc’s co-founder and CEO Fergal O’Ceallaigh.

Both companies will be jointly working on helping potential and existing customers to tackle their current digital signage problems through bringing innovation and latest product developments in to their daily business activities.

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Ryarc at Digital Signage World 2010

Ryarc is attending Digital Signage World 2010 expo in Sydney Convention Centre located in Sydney, Australia. We will be in the show 21st and 22nd of July and would gladly meet you there. Please find us at Stand B30 exhibiting with our partners from Intel. Stop by and we will make sure you’ll be fascinated by our latest CampaignManager developments!

Digital Signage World expo responds to the need for leadership and innovation in Australia’s digital signage industry. Featuring local and international executive case studies, the event provides a platform for medium and large business to gain knowledge about delivering ground breaking signage and service solutions from across retail, transport, hospitality, healthcare, education and many more sectors. The event has been designed to address all the key factors impacting the growth and development of Australasia’s digital signage market.

Ryarc is actively expanding its business activities in local and overseas markets and considers this show as a great area to meet with existing and potential customer. Recent product developments together with Intel allowed us to reach new level of efficiency and reliability while managing various size digital signage networks. As a result we are interested in discussing every opportunity how our products can solve your day to day digital signage problems. If you’re coming to this show we’d love to meet you, listen and show how latest Ryarc’s achievements can bring more value to your digital signage network. Please contact Kiefe Teoh at kie...@ryarc.com to schedule a meeting at a convenient time.

See you soon!

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What should a digital signage software system do for you?

If there’s one thing you can say about Digital Signage Software is that there is no shortage of platforms to choose from. Almost all of them will do a pretty good job at getting media from A to B and displaying it. So, if you take that as a given, what should you consider as priorities when trying to pick one from the bunch? Whether your networks are designed to be self-funding or not, ongoing cost of maintenance ought to be your number one concern. In self-funding networks, site visits can quickly erode profit margins. In networks that are designed for information or entertainment only, business tolerance for high ongoing costs is going to be even less. So, what are some questions that bear asking when considering a platform? Here’s a small selection which should help you focus on what really matters for your chosen solution

How stable is the player software?
Software stability is not something easily achieved. Just look at how often products like web browsers and office suites crash. Coping with a crashed browser on your PC is an annoyance. If your remote player crashes however, there’s no one there to get it going again. The software you choose should be proven to be rock solid stable.

Does the system cope with unreliable connectivity?
Many systems these days require connectivity through perennially unreliable 3G connections. Will the system cope with poor connectivity? Will you end up running massive bills on data by continually attempting to download files and then failing? Check that the software copes with poor connectivity and is intelligent about how it distributes its files.

Does the system have any self-recovery tools?
What happens if the software crashes? Will it recover? Your system should automatically detect problems and act independently to recover from them whether those problems are with the software itself or the underlying system.

What tools does it provide for managing hundreds or thousands of remotely connected machines?
Let’s imagine a new software update is required or your ISP requires some technical network change. How do you deploy that to all your machines? The system you choose should provide the capability to write script to make changes remotely and provide for executing batch files or Windows PowerShell commands according to schedule. This has the potential to save you hundreds of man hours.

Does the system facilitate remote connectivity?
Remote desktop can be very handy when troubleshooting remote machines. But what if they’re on a dynamic IP network? Your system should provide single click remote desktop connectivity regardless of whether you’re using dynamic or static IPs.

How does the system help avoid physical visits to the deployment?
This is probably the most important thing. Examine what tools are being provided so that you rarely if ever have to send a technician on site to remedy something that ought to be resolvable through the software.

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Short CM Promo

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