Industry Specific Uses of CampaignManager

Bring a workspace to life by creating your own internal TV channel to showcase your company’s achievements and values with corporate digital signage. Drive any display in the reception, meeting rooms or other high traffic areas of your business. Combine corporate video, stock information, team news, staff announcements, news updates and web information into a single channel to engage staff and customers alike. Activate your employee’s computer screens to act as an internal communication channel using a corporate screensaver. What better way to cut through mountains of internal memos and emails than creating your own direct feed to your staff? Quickly and easily deliver timely, engaging content to the sales department or train your new recruits, all with the click of a button.

Important Considerations

  • Who manages the network?

    Is it managed centralyy or by different departments or a mix of both?

  • Content

    Fresh and relevant content is important to keep the screens engaging and entertaining

  • Department categorisation

    Deliver content to a particular staff, department or the whole company as required


Goals for Corporate Signage

  • Improve internal communications

    Engage staff in a more direct and entertaining manner

  • Save Cost & Environment

    Reduce printing and distribution costs

  • Educate staff and clients

    Provide relevant company information on office screens