Industry Specific Uses of CampaignManager

Providing information in class rooms, lecture theatres, hallways or meeting areas can keep staff, students and guests informed about academic or extra-curricular activities. Digital Signage provides an up to date, engaging and efficient new alternative to delivering this information, replacing the traditional cluttered notice boards. Digital signage networks can pinpoint a particular message to a targeted audience according to the screen location. Deliver a notice to History students in their faculty building or distribute an emergency announcement to the entire campus. Schedule time sensitive content or play on demand training material to a class. Digital signage provides a communication channel to a widely dispersed audience.

Ryarc helps educational institutes to deploy affordable Digital signage, campus wide audio and screensaver management systems to promote cost effective green communication network. The Academic version is provided at a discounted special price to educational institutions and free to students and faculty of the institutes using CampaignManager on their campus. Ryarc CampaignManager is being used by number of leading educational institutes across the world to improve communication with their students, faculty and visitors be it Notice Boards, Content on demand, Interactive kiosks, staff training, donor recognition, emergency messaging, cafeteria displays or for student projects. 

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Important Considerations

  • Who manages the network?

    Centralised or different departments?

  • Location of screens

    What message will each screen deliver and where are they located?

  • Multi-venue targeting

    Multiple screens should be categorised for easy identification

Goals of Digital Signage for Education Signage

  • Improve communications

    Cover a wide area and cater for many different faculties

  • Improve emergency procedures

    Deliver clear and immediate instructions via digital screens.

  • Increase Revenue

    Promote third party products and services.

  • Increase student participation

    Provide and relevant information for students

  • Save cost & environment

    Reduce printing and distribution costs.

  • Entertain

    Provide entertaining content in casual areas around the campus