Industry Specific Uses of CampaignManager

Digital Signage serves the transport industry exceptionally well due to the flexibility it offers and real time capabilities. It can provide a very effective medium for transport hubs around the world to direct, inform, service or entertain travellers while they are on the move. Digital signage can improve the customer experience in many applications that have been traditionally chaotic, stressful and information poor. Deliver a message where and when an audience needs it the most. In some cases digital signage acts as the key timetable for delivering important information such as plane departure times and gate numbers. The backend digital signage software system is integrated with the airport flight schedule database and delivers this real-time across the airport. Reduce dwell time, direct passengers; deliver emergency announcements in real time. These are all benefits of implementing digital signage across a transport based environment.

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Important Considerations

  • Mobile nature of transport

    Some digital signs could be placed on the vehicles themselves and be synced with a GPS system to deliver relevant information

  • Security

    Public displays can be targets for vandals and also for hacking so it is wise to ensure your network and physical screens are secure

  • Location of screens

    Screens should be located ideally near high foot fall areas, information counters and at other strategic places.

Goals of Digital Signage for Transport Signage

  • Improve services

    Provide travellers with relevant travel information including any changes to network operations

  • Decrease perceived dwell time

    Provide entertaining and other relevant information to travelers while they wait

  • Increase revenue

    High footfalls and captive audience, an ideal opportunity for additional advertising revenue.