Dynamic Menu Boards

 Industry Specific Uses of CampaignManager

Today, restaurants understand the need and benefits of replacing traditional static signs with digital menu boards. It is not difficult to understand why. Digital signs solve the problems that standard backlit boards face with space and item changes. Digital menu boards also help in creating improved branding and visual impact with efficient use of technology and space.

Ryarc provides complete solution for managing digital menu boards from a single screen in a stand-alone store or an enterprise rollout with thousands of screens spread across different locations. With its easy to use interface, customer can easily update menu board content when required.

CampaignManager supports scheduled as well as on demand content and is also capable of driving time based and dynamic content by means of XML driven menu templates, dynamic pricing updates to the menu boards, or even link menu board items and prices to POS systems if required. For locations with no network or unreliable networks, CampaignManager’s offline USB update feature is of great advantage to clients.

CampaignManager also allows interactivity between mobile devices and menu board screens allowing customers to choose the content they want to see or download offers, menus etc. on their phone or tablet.

CampaignManager supports Windows, Linux and Android devices and is available in cloud as well as on premise options. Ryarc CampaignManager is used by some of the leading restaurant chains to manage their menu boards.

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Important Considerations

  • Who manages the network

    Is content to digital menu screens managed centrally or by local store or a mix of both?

  • Content

    Fresh and relevant content is important to keep the screens engaging and entertaining

  • Store categorisation

    Software should deliver content to stores as per store categorisation required

Goals of Digital Menu Board Signage

  • Improve customer experience

    Digital Menu boards improve perception about the brand

  • Update Content frequently

    Update content on menu boards as frequently as required

  • Improve Visual impact

    Attract customers with informatiive and entertaining content