Industry Specific Uses of CampaignManager

The power of digital signage can truly be harnessed by government institutions across multiple areas of their operations. Exceptionally large, widely dispersed, multi-functional and varied audiences are all hurdles a government institution needs to jump when considering its communication channels. Digital signage can narrow this down to a single channel managed from a central location. Provide information on upcoming events and display key dates relevant to a particular community. Decrease perceived waiting times by providing infotainment and use the displays to show ticket numbers, improving the overall customer experience. Cater for different languages, reduce print and distribution costs and improve internal communication between departments. Digital signage is a very versatile communication channel for Governments.

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Important Considerations

  • Who manages the network?

    Centralised control or different departments?

  • Security

    How secure is the Digital Signage software?

  • Content

    Content should relevant to the screen's location

Goals of Digital Signage for Government Signage

  • Decrease perceived dwell time

    Provide entertaining & informative content to visitors

  • Provide relevant information

    Content should relevant to the screen's location

  • Save Cost & Environment

    Reduce printing and distribution costs