Privacy Policy

When submitting information to Ryarc, your information is secure and will remain confidential. Your information will not be sold nor shared with other Ryarc partners.

At Ryarc, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of our users. Any personal or identifying information submitted to Ryarc is used solely for the users’ submitted purpose and is accessible only by staff specifically designated to facilitate the users in meeting their needs.

Personal Data: Ryarc may feel it necessary to put the user in touch with a Ryarc Certified Channel Partner only with user consent will this be done in order to meet their needs. All such information is kept secure through electronic, physical, and managerial safeguards and will not be redistributed under any circumstance. 

Ryarc website does not collect information from or track end users without their notification and active consent. Any other information – collected by the Ryarc website – is in the form of weblogs or other non-identifying general usage data, and is used by the Ryarc support staff for internal maintenance and development. This statistical data contains no personal information and cannot be used to gather personal information.