Ryarc rIOT Control

Turn IoT Sensor Data Into Actionable Insights

Transforms traditional IoT networks by connecting sensors, cameras, and physical devices to a smart, intelligent local gateway

(powered by Intel)


Apply Business Logic & Get Your Sensors in Control

When objects can be represented digitally on a network, objects that can be controlled from anywhere and connected to anything, it can be challenging for businesses to collect, manage and exert control strategically, remotely and securely.
That’s about to change.


Instead of connecting each IoT sensor directly to the cloud, which can be inefficient and costly, Ryarc’s rIOT platform, powered by the Intel IoT Gateway, serves as a local layer of logic, making it possible for developers to easily create business rules and connect and interact with internal data and external triggers in an actionable way.


By enabling developers to apply business logic and rules in advance, businesses can separate the truly useful data from the stream of redundant information, ultimately distributing the data they need into the apps that matter most to their enterprise. The end-result is businesses that can better manage and utilize data from connected devices and sensors that have been deployed and do so across a wide range of environments.


Sensor Graph

The rIOT in Action

Serving as the local node for sensor data, rIOT makes it possible to intelligently scale the acquisition of data-driven insights related to IoT assets in real-time, dramatically improve business efficiency, and make better use of existing systems in general.


With rIOT For example, Digital Signage can be networked with sensors, cameras and databases to dynamically change conditional content on the displays. By coupling IoT sensors with data from a range of sources, and data analysis capabilities, content can be shown to specific audiences under specific conditions.


It’s time for an IoT rIOT… make smarter local decisions related to sensor data and create a global impact across the enterprise.

   Experience the rIOT

Establish pre-defined logic (rules) to filter out sensor data before it is sent to the cloud.

Benefit from increased security, improvements in connectivity, and redundancy.

Experience significant savings on data storage costs and bandwidth charges.

Access a centralized on-demand dashboard to monitor the status of all sensor data.

Build out IoT solutions that integrate disparate IT systems using API management.

Store data in the cloud and populate a variety of applications with the data.