Ryarc Makes a Good Partner

The Ryarc Channel Partner Program is geared to help our partners make a profit by offering the best products, services and support to their customers.

As a partner you are able to resell the Ryarc CampaignManager Suite which consists of CampaignManager, Zusa and Dappler. Each of these can be sold on their own or as a full suite which can be managed from a central location. This gives each partner a much more diverse platform to work with, therefore maximising the market opportunities and allowing you to cross-sell to customers who had otherwise reached the end of their sales cycle.

Overall, Ryarc offers partners a product suite which is leading the way in the digital signage industry. Easy to sell, gold class support, clear product direction and favourable partner pricing is included in the Ryarc Channel Partner Program.

Which Partner are you?

Ryarc referral program is suited for individuals, consultants, system integrators, resellers or any organisation which does not want to invest in long term marketing and support efforts required for project execution like presales customer interaction, customer billing, deployment process, support or change management responsibility expected from regular partners. Referral partners can refer possible leads by registering the lead with Ryarc. In return for the referral, Ryarc will offer a commission if the lead is converted into a sale and then fully paid.

For more details about Ryarc referral program, please get in touch with our sales team.

Ryarc ACP program is for authorised channel partners who work closely with Ryarc Sales team to promote, sell and support Ryarc products in their markets. Ryarc Authorised Channel Partners (ACP) enjoy direct access to all marketing and support resources, training, clear product direction, free demo licenses for their team, favourable partner pricing and incentives. Authorised partners also get referral lead support and free demo licenses for their customers. For more details about Ryarc ACP program, please get in touch with our sales team.

For service providers who would like to start their own Digital Signage, Audio and Screensaver management service, Ryarc CampaignManager Service provider platform would be an excellent choice. Ryarc CampaignManager Service provider edition is multi-tenancy platform which enables service providers to offer services to multiple customers using single Server. Service provider can create domains for as many customers as required. Each customer can control and manage their own network while Service provider can set domain access controls, features as per individual customer requirements. For more details about Ryarc White Label program, please get in touch with our sales team.

Ryarc integration program is suitable for hardware and software partners who would like to explore offering integrated solution for their products or application with Ryarc’s CampaignManager platform. Hardware partners can get their products certified or offer an integrated solution with CampaignManager. Software vendors or individual software developers are welcome to offer their solution for integration or be part of joint development program. For more details about Ryarc Integrate program, please get in touch with our team.