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Ryarc CampaignManager provides an end to end media distribution and management platform which is easy to use. Provides enterprise level tools and scalability to enterprise networks and service provider networks of any size from managing a single screen to thousands at an affordable cost.

It offers a single platform to distribute, schedule, monitor and manage content to Display networks which can also be extended to Audio networks and Desktop Screensavers simultaneously or separately.

CampaignManager is compatible with all common media formats, has one of the most powerful scheduling engines available and is network agnostic which allows clients to deploy it over any type of network be it LAN, Internet, VPN, VSAT (Satellite Multicast), GPRS etc.

CampaignManager comes with a host of features designed to minimize downtime, eliminate site visits, and improve overall manageability of your network with advanced monitoring, remote management and preemptive action tools.

Some of the innovative features include:

Local screen content control via mobile APP, user interactivity with mobile devices, in-built QR Code integration, Support for Touch Screen, On Demand and Dynamic Data driven content, XML, RSS and Social Media feeds.

Ryarc CampaignManager is used all over the globe to manage Digital Signage Networks.

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Top Questions

  • Cloud or On Premise? CampaignManager can be deployed both as Cloud and On Premise as required.
  • What OS are supported? CMPlayer supports devices with Windows, Linux and Android Operating System.
  • Is Free Trial available? Yes, you can download a 60 days free trial from our website.
  • I want to start my own commercial Digital Signage service? You can use our platform to manage multiple customers with a single server.
  • More Questions? Get in touch with our sales team.


  • Multiuser Platform
  • Remote Device Management
  • Sensor & AI Model Triggers 
  • All Standard Media Formats
  • Video, Images, Web
  • Text and RSS Tickers
  • Dynamic Data Driven Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Grouping and Categorization
  • Powerful scheduling
  • Multi- tenancy Platform
  • Stretch Content across Screen
  • Central Monitoring and Control
  • Mobile device interactivity
  • In built Security features
  • In built QR Code functionality
  • Efficient Bandwidth Management
  • Managed Access & User roles

To know more about CampaignManager features, please contact us.