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Ryarc CampaignManager provides an end to end media distribution and management platform for Digital Signage, Audio networks and Screensavers simultaneously or separately depending on client requirements. It is easy to use yet provides enterprise level tools and scalability for enterprise and service provider networks of any size from managing a single to thousands of screens, audio players and screensavers at affordable cost. CampaignManager is used by some of the leading companies across the world in various segments.

Digital Signage

Ryarc Digital Signage
Ryarc Digital Signage

CMPlayer is the Digital Signage player component of CampaignManager which playbacks HD broadcast quality content be it images, flash, video, Text, RSS or Static Text scroll, interactive content, social media feeds or Web content as scheduled by CampaignManager user. CMPlayer also supports QRCode, interaction with mobile devices and works on both Microsoft Windows and Android devices.


In store Audio software

Ryarc Retail Radio
Ryarc Retail Radio

Dappler is the audio player component of CampaignManager which delivers crystal clear audio to your targetted audio device across your network as per schedule allowing CampaignManager user to create and publish playlists which can seamlessly mix music, top of the hour messages, advertising, promotions, announcements and news or any required audio content at the click of a button.



Ryarc Screensaver Management
Ryarc Screensaver Management

Zusa is the screensaver software component of CampaignManager which allows you to manage a corporate communication network from a central location. Combine rich media, live web content and eye catching flash animation to generate a compelling digital channel that is served direct to the desktop. Every time the computer becomes inactive Zusa appears to showcase your content – one click and it’s gone.


What's included in CampaignManager?

Complete CampaignManager software suite including all the required Server and player components, Neptune, the Proof of Playback Reports module, DEUS - updating Dynamic feeds to content, Multicast Server, Node Server with assured support services as per your product and purchase plan.


Ryarc SaaS option offers a hassle-free way to start out your digital signage, audio or screensaver network by taking care of all your server and IT backend requirements. No more worries or engaging your staff and resources for server setup, monitoring, updates, maintenance, system recovery. Just download CampaignManager, install the client software on your Windows or Android media player and be connected and publishing within minutes, once your player hardware is ready. No large software bill upfront or an investment in Server hardware, datacentre, bandwidth or hosting costs. You can begin by simply paying the subscription fees for the number of players you need. SaaS subscription includes complete CampaignManager Suite with multiple user access and no. of players as per subscription. All Ryarc SaaS customers get full support and all new version upgrades free.

For more information about our SaaS version, please contact us.

On Premise

For organisations who do not want to use our SaaS version but would like to install the server at their own infrastructure, CampaignManager is available in an on-premise version. Ryarc provides complete back end platform and support to help client install CampaignManager server on their own infrastructure instead of using Ryarc cloud service. This version is cost effective for customers having large networks with the required infrastructure and technical expertise.

For more information about our on-premise version, please contact us.

Service Provider

Ryarc CampaignManager Service Provider Edition is a self-hostable, multi-tenancy Digital Signage, Audio and Screensaver management platform which enables service providers to offer Digital Signage as a service to multiple customers using single Server. Customers are separated from each other by creating individual Domains. Each customer can control and manage their own Digital Signage network. The advantage to service providers is that they no longer need to refer their customers to third-party Digital Signage provider and lose their customers over time. Ryarc CampaignManager service provider platform helps them to offer their own service to their customers.

For more information about our service provider version, please contact us.

Top Questions

  • Cloud or On Premise? CampaignManager is available in both Cloud and On Premise options.
  • What about support? All customers enjoy assured support from our Support team.
  • What about hardware? CampaignManager is hardware independent & supports any industry standard device.
  • What OS are supported? Both Windows and Android Operating System are supported.
  • Is credit card req. for trial? No. Ryarc offers a no obligation fully functional 30 days trial

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Top Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiuser Platform
  • All Standard Media Formats
  • Video, Flash, Images, Web
  • Text and RSS Tickers
  • Dynamic Data Driven Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Grouping and Categorization
  • Powerful scheduling
  • Multi- tenancy Platform
  • Stretch Content across Screen
  • Multi-instance support
  • Mobile device interactivity
  • In built Security features
  • In built QR Code functionality
  • Efficient Bandwidth Management
  • Managed Access & User roles
  • Enterprise level network tools
  • Custom Playlist creation
  • Online Media Libraries
  • Central Monitoring and Control

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